Xona Rotor 82•67 Ball Bearing Turbocharger - 820HP

Xona Rotor 82•67 Ball Bearing Turbocharger - 820HP

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XR 82•67 [82lb/min 600-820HP]

Component Details

  • Compressor wheel - 64mm Inducer / 88mm Exducer.
  • Turbine Outlet - 67mm
  • 82lb/Minute Flow Rating.
  • 600-820HP Applications.
  • Variable preload angular contact bearings.
  • Twin gas ring seals at the compressor and turbine.
  • Highs strength, lightweight stainless steel center housing.
  • Full hydraulic damping of the rotating assembly .
  • Integrated oil contaminate filter.
  • M62 race material allows higher temperature operation.
  • Metallic bearing cages.



Product Information

Xona Rotor has implemented new features in its XR line of performance turbochargers. The rotating assembly incorporates a variable preload angular contact bearing system. The variable preload system reduces bearing problems associated with ball sliding and scuffing due to high shaft speeds with insufficient bearing preload and adds an additional axial damping for the bearings. For expanded details on this groundbreaking improvement click here.

Xona Tech : Variable preload bearing system

Most performance turbochargers today use a single gas ring for sealing the shaft. XR turbochargers utilize twin gas ring sealing. This feature dramatically reduces gas and oil leakage rates for both the compressor and turbine ends of the rotating assembly. Since the sealing load is spread across 2 rings, wear rates are reduced and seal life is also extended. To complement this, large diameter oil slingers are incorporated into the shaft design at both ends further reducing splash oil at the piston ring seal location within the cartridge.

Xona uses high accuracy ABEC7 bearings with M62 advanced powder metal races matched to ceramic balls and high strength metallic ball cages. No melted ball cages here. These features result in vast improvements in high temperature operation and durability.

XR turbochargers offer connection flexibility with your choice of 7/16 inverted flare or straight 12mm metric oil inlet threads and a modular oil drain flange that allows for a variety of bolt spacing for the drain flange. Built into the oil inlet cavity of the CHRA is a large volume "last ditch" oil filter element that prevents oil contaminants from entering the bearing system and plugging oil passages within the turbocharger.

The bearing housing itself is a fully machined high strength stainless steel piece that has an extended water jacket that fully surrounds the turbine seal ring land area of the CHRA for improved cooling of the turbine piston rings seals. This advanced cooled helps prevent ring collapse resulting in improved durability when operating at high temperature. The compressor register of the CHRA features an overbuilt compressor plate and cover interface system that is very tolerant of external forces and limits distortion of the compressor wheel to cover clearances that can lead to rubbing and premature failure.