Rywire 1G 4G63 Harness
Rywire 1G 4G63 Harness

Rywire 1G 4G63 Harness

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We are now carrying the Rywire 1G 4G63 engine harness. Made to fit 1990-1994 engine and ECU. Made from Trefzel Mil-Spec wire and Raychem heatshrink and it designed for a simple plug and play experience.  Certain connectors can be changed/modified to fit your  desired system.

This wire harness is made in "flying lead" format, meaning it has about 20 wires that need to be attached into the cars stock chassis harness to function fully. Less than 5 wires need to be connected for proper "engine running" function. Pinout is listed below. This harness utilizes the DSM standard Main relay just like the DSM cars, we chose this method to help keep prices down, and make this conversion as simple as possible into any car.

4G63 Harness Detailed Sensor Compatibility List

  • 4 Injectors EV1 (DSM 1G connectors)
  • Alternator 2 position (DSM 1G connector) Can be changed upon request
  • Coil connector 3 position (DSM 1G connector)
  • Ignitor 8 position flat black (DSM 1G connector)
  • Idle Valve control 6 position (DSM 1G connector)
  • Starter single slip on connector (DSM 1G connector)
  • TPS (DSM 1G connector) Can be changed upon request
  • Kncok sensor (DSM 1G connector)
  • Ground lug (Ring terminal)
  • ECT sensor (DSM 1G connector)
  • H20 temp gauge (DSM 1G connector)
  • Boost solenoid (DSM 1G connector)
    Rywire 3-port & 4-port kits can be requested with this connector mate.
  • CAS (cam/crank) sensor (DSM 1G connector)
    Flat blue connector, Hall effect style
  • Electronic VSS (vehicle speed) (DSM 2G connector)
    Used in electronic VSS conversions, advanced users only.
  • MAF (DSM 1G connector - 8 pin square)
    Can be integrated into plug and play for speed density conversion (please ask about adapter harness)
  • Injector resistor box plug (DSM 1G connector)
  • 3 ECU plugs (DSM 1G yellow connectors)
  • Main relay plug (DSM 1G connector)
    with upgraded power and ground to support larger circuit.
  • Extra plug - 6 position.
    These 6 wires can be used to add an aftermarket shift box, or any advanced functions _DSC8000

4G63 loose wire pinout

  • blk/yel - Alternator 12V switched power source (or ignition switch power).
  • wht/blu - Charge warning light on gauge cluster
  • red/grn - Mailfunction indication light (engine warning light)
  • black/yel - EGR control
  • red/blk - Constant ecu power(battery power) 10A fuse
  • blk/grn - AC switch
  • red/blk - AC relay control
  • brwn - EXTRA (to extra plug in engine bay)
  • brwn/yel - EXTRA (to extra plug in engine bay)
  • brwn/wht - EXTRA (to extra plug in engine bay)
  • yel/grn - H20 (dummy light for gauge)
  • yel/wht - VSS (speed sensor for gauge)
  • yel/red - Power steering switch from ecu
  • blk/yel - Coil/Ignition power (To ignition switched power source)
  • red - Fuel pump power (to fuel pump +)
  • wht - Relay constant power (To Battery source)
  • blk - Ground (to chassis ground)
  • orng/yel - EXTRA (to extra plug in engine bay)
  • orng/blk - EXTRA (to extra plug in engine bay)
  • orng/blu - EXTRA (to extra plug in engine bay)