Magnus 4G63 Balance Shaft Elimination Kit

Magnus 4G63 Balance Shaft Elimination Kit

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We have been making our own Balance Shaft Elimination Kit since 1998 for the 4G63 platform

It  works with DSM, Evolution I to IX and VR4. Its been a well kept secret within the racing community, for no good reason other than it has never been on our website but, it has been included on all of our builds.  Installation is far easier than using the standard bearing as a plug, excessive blow by can cause the plug to leak out.  Many people JB weld the plug in.  Forget all of that, this trick setup was invented by my late great dad.  Not only did he make a mean pasta dish, but he was a clever guy too!

Don't be fooled by others and their 'shaved' or 'lathed' original balance shafts.  If your motor is spinning 10,000 RPM why would you want another bearing on the end of a shaft spinning at 20,000 RPM? that could cause problems especially since it is way beyond what the bearing were designed for, not to mention it is rare that anyone ever checks the clearance of this balance shaft.  Eliminating the original balance shafts or lathed unit is good insurance on eliminating another point of possible failure. If you have good oil pressure this will handle everything your motor can do.

The highlights of our kit over the others out there is that it uses two billet plugs, one is a plug with a chamfered lead for easy installation to the block with a slight interference fit. it also includes a steel stub shaft, and a B-shaft cog eliminator.

First simply reverse the old bearing inside the block.

Lightly tap the bearing plug (larger of the two) into the Balance shaft hole with a mallet.

The smaller of the two plugs is for the cover and is redundant, after it is pressed into the oil pump cover, we peen the outside so it cannot come loose.

Install the Stub shaft into your oil pump cover and into the gear.  Remember to loctite it.  The balance shaft oil pump stub shaft is a one piece shortened unit.

The Balance shaft  gear eliminator is used to replace the original large toothed sprocket, it is keyed and case hardened and the correct thickness to take up the space of the original sprocket.

Best part, is all the parts are reusable. Just hammer them out and transfer them to your next block when needed.