Buschur Racing Evolution FMIC (Street Core)

Buschur Racing Evolution FMIC (Street Core)

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The core is rated for 950hp with very minimal pressure drop.

Dimensions are 24 x 13 x 3.5".

We recommend using the Buschur Racing Lower IC Pipe (BR Part#: Evo-35001 sold seperately) to achieve the full benefit of your new FMIC upgrade. You can add the Lower IC pipe by selecting the option below.

This in conjunction with our upper intercooler pipe kit (sold seperately) saves 11 bends and a total of 36" over the factory intercooler plumbing! Less bends, less restriction, more hp! We have also accomplished another one of our goals... rather than restricting flow to the radiator for engine cooling, we have actually increased it. For those who autocross or road race, this is very advantageous.

ATTENTION: The factory undertray will need to be modified or removed for this FMIC to fit on your vehicle. If you are interested in an undertray that will fit with the Buschur Racing FMIC's with no modification please visit our Exterior & Aero Accessories section to check out the Buschur Racing undertray's.