AMS F1I Intake Manifold

AMS F1I Intake Manifold

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Stay Ahead Of Your Competition With The AMS F1-I Intake Manifold!
The AMS EVO VIII/IX F1-I Intake Manifold was designed to outperform every 4G63 manifold available including our own VSR. We referenced many modern design examples and engineering studies to bring you the best intake manifold ever made for the EVO VIII/IX.  After extensive testing we ended up with a manifold that makes more power than anything else available on the market!  EVO's with an aftermarket turbo consistently see 40-60whp (50-70bhp at the crank) over the stock manifold!
Engineered To Be The Best
For many years the AMS VSR has been the standard to which all other manifolds were compared. For the F1-I the plan was simple, to take our already power potent VSR and make it even better! Designed, prototyped and tested in house by our team of engineers, the AMS F1-I Intake Manifold outperforms every manifold available!
Computer Aided Design Yields Maximum Airflow & Horsepower
Sheet metal manifolds have significant design restrictions.  By casting this manifold it is not only stronger but it allowed us to optimize the power output by giving us the freedom to sculpt the interior geometry for maximum efficiency and airflow.  We started with the largest plenum size on the market of 5.24L for the ultimate top-end power.  By utilizing a CAD (computer aided design) & CFD (computational fluid dynamics) we staggered the bell horns to allow for maximum inlet size.  This allowed us to optimize huge tapered runners and matched cylinder port angles to minimize turbulence and maximize power output.  All of this attention to the details in the design process really sets the F1-I manifold apart and results in  what matters most… More power than the next guy!
Unmatched power gains and excellent response
The F1-I offers more than just top end power.  This manifold gives you an amazingly wide power-band with a huge jump in power whenever you are in boost.  This equates to greatly improved lap times on the road course and the confidence to leave any opponent in your dust when on the street!
The Difference Is In The Details
The F1-I goes a step further by offering things the competition does not.  From a new oil dip stick, support bracket to 4 drillable nitrous bosses, our engineers thought of everything you will need for installation both now and down the road.  We even include detailed instructions and all of the necessary gaskets and hardware in case you want to tackle the job yourself.
Be the guy to beat, order your AMS F1-i Intake Manifold today!

Exclusive Benefits

  • 40-60whp (50-70bhp at the crank) over the stock manifold!
  • CAD & CFD optimized tapered runners, dyno tested for maximum results
  • Largest in class, 5.24L plenum for ultimate top end power
  • Matched cylinder port angle for ideal flow characteristics
  • Staggered bell horns for maximum inlet size
  • Cast aluminum construction for added strength over sheet metal manifolds
  • Choice of throttle body bolt pattern
  • Powder Coated Black


  • AMS F1-I Intake Manifold*
  • Factory Mitsubishi throttle body and intake manifold gasket
  • Stainless steel intake manifold support bracket
  • Vacuum fittings
  • Custom made dip stick tube
  • All necessary hardware and detailed installation guide 


  • Throttle body flange types: Stock Mitsubishi and Ford 5.0


  • Mitsubishi Evolution 8, 9
  • GSR, MR, RS and SE
  • Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models
  • Fits OEM, AMS and other factory style fuel rails